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Every JAR in the RoboRumble@Home competition, packaged together in a single zip file for your convenience. Use it if the robocode repository is down.


Please note that you'll have to disable downloading on your client by setting DOWNLOAD=NOT in your roborumble.txt file.

--David Alves

Other useful files:

http://davidalves.net/robocode/particip1v1.txt <--Participants list as of Sept. 2nd
http://davidalves.net/robocode/roborumbleathome_beta1.ZIP <-- client

Use it even if the repository isn't down. At least the first time you run. From there it should be less bots to download anyways. -- PEZ

Heck, use it if you aren't running roborumble at all, it's a great testing base and it's much faster than downloading bots one by one. That said, run roborumble you lazy bum ;) -- Kuuran

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