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Although I agree with Albert's concern I think we are getting ourselves into a little too much detail. We should fork the discussions into first and future version discussions. Feel free to cut/copy discussion items between them. I still think in the first (0.1) version we should get a working system with minimum effort, meaning that we use RoboLeague's existing features as much as possible. I don't think that by doing this we limit ourselves in what future versions can or cannot do.

With pain in my heart I have to leave this discussion now as I'll be on a vacation for the next three weeks ..... no doubt I will have a lot of reading to do when I get back. Cheers! -- Vic

/Version 0 1 [/Version 0 2]? /FutureVersions

The server

Maybe the sever has to deal with below data objects. Wchich maybe stored in HSQL DB which is pure Java DB and can both store as DB file or in memory.

Bot -botID -name -jarName -type ??? nano/ mini/ mega -rankingsIDs -time -lastUpdate

Ranking -rankingID -type -botID -scoreID

BattleInput? -battleID -bots IDs -roundNo -filedSize

BattleResult? resultID userID scoreID botsIDs

Score -scoreID -bot -scoretotal -survivalTotal -lastSurvivalBonus? -bulletDamage -bonus1 -ramDamage -bonus2 -survival1 -survival2 -survival3

User -clientID -name -battlesIDs -ResultIDs?

Liga -id -battlesIDs


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