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Albert. Something went wrong with the battles log for the roborumble game. I removed it and now the Ratings servlet responds again. But the ranking table is inclomplete. Can I do something about it? Will it fix itself? If so, in how long time? -- PEZ

I think this problem will not fix itself. I was recently running my RR@H client. When I saw your question, PEZ, I checked if Ranking servlet responds. It was not responding, so I stopped running my RR@H client. --Ph

I think it will. Well, not the actual deadlock problem, that will need attention from someone experienced with servlets that read and write data. Pulsar seems to be the dude for this job. But the ranking table seems to get repaired while battles are uploaded. I think it only needs to "see" a bot once to immediately add it to the ranking and details tables. -- PEZ

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Last edited August 11, 2004 13:24 EST by PEZ (diff)