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The battlefield has the following properties regarding the physics:

An object (a robot, a piece of wall or an obstacle), has the following properties regarding the physics:

A force is the power that drives an object a certain way. It influences the Momentum, and has the following properties:

-- DaniŽl Pelsmaeker


A robot should have a motor which transforms the robot's energy into kinetic energy taking into account friction, and efficiency of the motor. -- FnH

A robot should have a gun which uses the robot's energy to launch a bullet. If we drop air friction we don't have to consider things like reach. In this case the bullet's velocity will remain constant and a function of the spent energy. -- FnH

That is, if you disregard acceleration due to gravity. With gravity, its velocity will only remain constant along the horizontal axis, and will accelerate along the vertical axis. -- nano

I was assuming we'd keep robocode purely 2D. If we add a third dimension you would need to specify the arc you're fireing in as well (thus making it possible to shoot _over_ tanks etc.). You could also argue that the bullets are fired at such high speeds (like gunshots) that the vertical acceleration is negligable. --FnH

I think that it's possible to apply the phisics in a 2D environment, where only the Gravity points downwards, and nothing else uses the vertical axis. --DaniŽl Pelsmaeker

A robot should have a shield that uses energy to neutralize bullets. To be true to the current robocode rules the energy needed tot stop the bullet should be around 4 times more than the energy needed to fire the bullet. -- FnH

What would be the point of such a shield? It sounds like it would be just as bad as being hit. -- PEZ

My guess is that the firer wouldn't get any energy, or bullet damage points if their bullet hit your shield. Any bullets which did get through would have decreased power. However, I'd have to raise the question of how long the shield lasts (in ticks). -- Rod Hyde

Does it cost anything to raise the shield if you don't get hit? If so, how much? -- PEZ

I invented the shield to keep everything energy-based. The shield is up the entire time and uses energy when you get hit. I thought it would make it more understandable as to why you lose energy when you get hit. You could also invent some other story as well ... -- FnH

Aha. but that's excellent. An alternative might be that the bullets consist of anti-matter or some such. =) -- PEZ

My toughts about shields:

--DaniŽl Pelsmaeker

Unfortunately, since you can always tell when a bullet would hit you, a shield like this may just be too good. The amount of energy that it used would have to balance out the energy that would be lost for an actual hit, and then the shield would be worthless. You can never tell when a bullet is actually going to hit you or not; you can only tell when it would hit you if it were aimed correctly. Thus the only way to use the shield is to turn it on everytime a bullet might hit you and then immediately turn it off again, or not use it at all. This adds no strategy to the game, only complexity. -- nano

Also, it wasn't my intention to bring something new to R2 ... Again, I just used the word 'shield' in order to have a reason why being hit should cost energy (instead of subtracting points from structural integrity or something) ... -- FnH

Yes, my reply was in response to DaniŽl's take on shields, sorry about the confusion. -- nano

As was my reply (hence the also), sorry about the confusion :) -- FnH

Maybe someone can move this part of the dicussion to a /Shield? page, to avoid this confusion. -- DaniŽl Pelsmaeker

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