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For next competition or submitting your bot (any bot can enter) see http://membres.lycos.fr/robocode

Now any bot can enter the competition

I have written a small program that can modify a .class file so it work with RobocodeDeathMatch. So any bot can enter. So just put your robot name below and it will be put in the next competition.

Add your bot here if you want to be in the next competition

Please post the bot name and the codesize separated by a space ' '. Actually I don't think about running separate league but it might come. You can but your bot on the repository or send me an email at synnalagma__AT__hotmail.com with your bot. -- Synnalagma

dmsample.RamFireDM 212
dm.FirstDeathMatch 155
dmsample.TrackFireDM 176
dmsample.TrackerDM 565
dmsample.SpinBotDM 84
dmsample.CornersDM 375
dmsample.WallsDM 154
dmsample.FireDM 199
dmsample.CrazyDM 138
dmsample.MyFirstRobotDM 58
kawigi.dm.KillCollector 346
synnalagma.melee.BugsFunny 0.5 8138
abc.Tron_2.02 14903
jekl.MrHyde_.62 9192


First competition here (The test): http://www.geocities.com/synnalagma/firstcompetition/FirstCompetition.html

SecondCompetition? here http://www.geocities.com/synnalagma/SecondCompetition.html

Third competition here http://www.geocities.com/synnalagma/ThirdCompetition.html

Sorry, Mr. Hyde but i couldn't download your bot. --Synnalagma

:( -- jim

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