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Hello all.

James Byers, owner of the domain name robocode.org, is offering us (well, me) the name. I quite recently bought the name robowiki.net for 10 years, and it seems to be a nice name for this site. But the more general robocode.org could maybe be used to name our efforts better. I'm thinking like:

What do you think? Or maybe someone has a better idea what to do with the name. James asks that we make sure the name is always used by something active in the Robocode community. It's a good name.

-- PEZ

Seems like a good idea to me! Especially for beginners and people who don't know what a wiki is, then it is easier to remember I think. -- Pulsar

(adding my two cents if its any worth) Very nice i might add. http://robocode.org can then become a one stop source for everything on robocodes. We can also make compilation of links and sites of everything there is on internet on robocodes to make sure that it is the one stop source. -- AxialXForm

And what would be really nice would be to have a robocode-repository-type-thing which search's function WORKED. It may not be an easy thing to do though. --Nantuko Primus

robocode.org will be great and Yes also want a repository with a search's function WORKED--Mammillarias

Would it still be on the same physical server, though? Doesn't make much difference to me :-p -- Kawigi

Yes, it's only a naming issue. -- PEZ

Clarification. The wiki would still be on the same server. Any other service under the robocode.org umbrella could reside on whatever server we fancy of course. -- PEZ

Is this site going to be up again? I just tried going to it and it said that it had expired. -- Kinsen

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