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You will need Java3D OpenGL/DirectX

1. install Robocode

2. extract robocode.jar into the robocode home folder

3. copy all files inside http://robowiki.net/robocode/uploads/bienator/robocode3D.zip into the robocode folder (like the RobocodeGLV014 install)

now run TerrainConfig?.bat and set max hill to 0 (JSlider) and don't forget to save.

if you want to run the engine without Robocode run Metaversum.bat.

now you can try Robocode3d.bat

If you start a new Battle then pause it until you see all bots.

the download: http://robowiki.net/robocode/uploads/bienator/robocode3D.zip

I hope it works. Enjoy and send comments!!! -- Bienator

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