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RoussGT and DrugeDC are what happen when you make hybrids of DrussGT and RougeDC. RoussGT has the gun of RougeDC and the movement of DrussGT. DrugeDC has the gun of DrussGT and the movement of RougeDC.

RoussGT 1.0a:

DrugeDC 1.0:

RoussGT 1.1:

Note, that the comparisons are compared to the results at a particular point in time and are not necessarily stable, particularly the PL results.

Those results seem the indicate to me that while both my gun and movement are worse in terms of RR points, I do have a slightly better gun in terms of the PL. This is particularly interesting considering that RougeDC Gamma2's gun was far better in the PL than the gun in RougeDC Gamma4a. I'm currently suspecting that a version of RoussGT with the gun from RougeDC Gamma2 instead would really be very strong as far as the PL goes, perhaps even moving in on the nearly-no-loss stronghold of Dookious, Shadow, and Phoenix! It also seems to indicate that whether it's the PL or the RR points, my movement needs more work than my gun I think. -- Rednaxela

Hey, just as a heads up from experience, PL score is nowhere near stable enough to draw quick conclusions on - I have found it can take 100 battles or more to get a really clear picture of how two bots match up head to head. To be more specific, in measuring score % between two bots, I've seen it change several percentage points from the 20-battle mark to the 100-battle mark. Not to say it's meaningless, not at all. Your gun is clearly really solid in PL performance, but I think this result only confirms that it's in the same ballpark as DrussGT in PL strength. Actually, a more stable PL score is something I'd love to see in the RoboRumble server rewrite, if/when David finishes it. =) Edit: By the way, I do mean "battles", like 35-round battles, and not just "rounds". -- Voidious

Well, while it's not stable, what I am quite sure of is:

Thus I think it would be the case that RoussGT, upgraded to my older stronger gun from RougeDC Gamma2 could likely perform measurably better in PL than any previous version of RougeDC, DrussGT, RoussGT or DrugeDC. That is... unless I'm unlucky and the gun advantages of Gamma2 are only against things that are already handily beaten. Of course, considering Gamma2's primary advantages are in anti-surfer capabilities (helps against every surfer I've done conclusive tests against except Dookious (You've sure got a solid anti-anti-surfer movement!)) I think that it would at least do a few wins better than RoussGT or DrussGT do currently. -- Rednaxela

My gun isn't designed to hit surfers, it is designed to give me RR points =) I might add an anti-surfer gun some time, but I've got other priorities in RL right now, like hiking, windsurfing, and making pineapple beer =) Exams are over, so my need to robocode has diminished slightly ;-) -- Skilgannon

Yep, makes sense. Personally I've been aiming at a balance between RR points and PL performance. Lately I've mainly been tuning against random movers lately so RoussGT and RougeDC Gamma4a don't have anti-surfer targeting anymore, however as I haven't had much success and the anti-surfer gun doesn't hurt overall RR points really I'll probably be going back to including the anti-surfer gun and working on movement. My next RougeDC release will likely be based off of the gun in Gamma2 (the one with the anti-surfer), but with trying out my plans for improving the surfing. Hm, pineapple beer... sounds interesting and while I'm not a fan of alcoholic beverages I am a fan of pineapple =) -- Rednaxela

I'd be very interested to see how RoussGT with your old gun does in the PL. Would you mind releasing one? And... ever had ginger ale? Well.... substitute the ginger for pineapple and you've got yourself a party =) Pineapples are cheap here too, +- $3 for 6, which makes about 20L of pineapple beer! There just aren't enough hours in the day for all the stuff I'd like to be doing at the moment, everything's just having to take turns. And I won't resort to caffeine, it just makes me hyper anyways. -- Skilgannon

Sure, I'll release RoussGT with that some time later today. Hmm, that does sound like an interesting beverage. Haha, I don't care for caffeine either.
Update: Well I've lost my old copy of Gamma2 on this machine but I have it on another machine. I was going to quickly release the RoussGT 1.1 with the Gamma2 gun but that will wait till tomorrow (ETA 12 hours) -- Rednaxela

Looks like RoussGT fit my predictions indeed: It fares rather exceptionally in the PremierLeague! =) -- Rednaxela

By the way, thanks for removing RoussGT and DrugeDC, I forgot to get around to that. Also: Thanks for letting me run this interesting test =) -- Rednaxela

I'm also interested in the results - I think it shows that I need to work on my anti-surfer gun =) There might even be a few points lurking there. -- Skilgannon

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