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The SandboxDT Challenge

Paul might not be King of RR at current. But the bot defending his colors is still maybe the strongest bot in the world. It holds a steady top-3 position in the highly volatile PremierLeague. I know it was Paul himself who put the focus on trashing the weak bots. But now it's time we shift focus back on building strong bots which few other bots can beat. Bots like Shadow and DT itself comes to mind here. I am thinking about how a StrongestBotsRumble should work. Meanwhile lets see what we can do against DT! Here's what CassiusClay does.:

1st: pez.rumble.CassiusClay
2nd: pe.SandboxDT 3.026285719650393035545373200394607

See if you can beat that. Let's make it a contest:


Bot Author Score shareSurvival (% Wins)
CassiusClay PEZ 64.1% 72.5%
PulsarMax 0.8.2 Pulsar 58.4% 62.2%
Ascendant 0.9.1 Mue 53.4% 54.7%


The rules are simple. Just run your bot against DT and see what score you get. Yet make sure you use DT 3.02. We have a window for it now while Paul isn't releasing new versions. Also I would like to suggest we use "real" versions of our bots. Not a version optimized for DT but that isn't released on the RR.


I think what explains CC's strong result is its gun. DT's gun has become a bit dated probably. -- PEZ

Things to do while we havenīt RR@Home... :) or should be :(? --Axe

Ah well, i have a new release of Ascendant ready but no rumble to insert it into. So i was just giving it a test in some longer battles. I wonder whether the results above actually tell anything about the contenders (beside being good or bad vs SandboxDT of course). I also ran 1000 rounds vs CassiusClay and Shadow, which resulted in a clear victory for Ascendant in the first (84k to 61k) and a close one in the second matchup (78k to 73k)... --Mue

Well, the real deal is the StrongestBotsRumble of course. This challenge was started mainly because Paul was wondering how DT measures up against the top bots. -- PEZ

Snip! Look for the missing content on the StrongestBotsRumble page. -- PEZ

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