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Saponaria 0.0.4

Saponaria 0.0.2

Saponaria 0.0.1 Original (which I sent to Fnl)

I have been working on a little side project, it has a few bugs still, but FNL described it as a Cell game. I ment it to be somewhat simular to corewar, its a programming game like robocode, cept you don't do battle with tanks, but with programs.

Check it out, it has a few bugs, and you will need to compile in any bots you wanna make yourself at this point (classloaders are currently beyond me). This is the source, you cannot run it right from the jar either, (sorry), but Eclipse can run it fine.

It currently has crude graphics and the delete function doesn't work. Which is the key to winning. If you can sort out that delete bug i'll be forever greatful.

A quote from an e-mail between me and FNL: "I like it. It is quite simple, but I imagine that it would be tough to make bots in your game. That's a good thing!"

Here is a link to the jar: http://chase.tfsnewworld.com/Saponaria.jar


Hehe.. Yes, sometimes simple games are the worst ones to make an effective AI for. Just take a look at the board game "Go". And yes, I really do like the concept of this game. :-) I think I will try to find the bug for you (using Eclipse). When I find it, I will write you a mail about it. ;-) --Fnl

I have fixed the bug and sent the solution for you in a mail. ;-) --Fnl

Really? Awesome! *Bows to Fnl's mightiness* --Chase-san

Think anyone can make a bot that can completely crush Overwrite in a 50 tick battle (shouldn't be very hard)? There are few secret moves you can use if you look at the code, and since every 'cell' that is yours uses the same code, so no communication is needed, just store data. (CopyBot? and Overwrite are Perceptual to the point of being idiotic (Overwrite overwrites itself most the time)). The game is currently domination. (though no scoring or pretty WIN sequence exists in the code). --Chase-san

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