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As an introduction, see TheSpikeConundrum.

Spike's Challenge

This is the setup: Additionally:
  1. Challenger is not allowed to fire any bullets at all
  2. The ratio "Challenger score / reference bot score" * 100 is the Challenger's Index
  3. Please do not decompile or extend Spike ;)

Also see

/Index - /Chat?

So, this is just the CFC with 1000x1000 battlefield, yes? -- Tango

Sort of. Ruleswise at least. Though using the larger arena size opens up a window of opportunity against DT 1.91 that's not as pronounced under CFC conditions. But the goal of the CFC is to help you measure your movement and thus aid in developing a good general movement. This means the reference bot can change. Maybe should change now when it's obvious that DT 1.91's targeting doesn't like firing power 3 bullets at longer distances. While this challenge isn't at all about creating good movements. It's about exploiting shortcomings om DT 1.91's taregting system. Quite big a difference there. -- PEZ

So this is just a bit of fun, whereas CFC is meaningful and worthwhile? This is just people wanting to prove that they can do better than DT. Ok, there's nothing wrong with harmless fun, good luck everyone! (I won't be competing due to the fact my movement system is terrible) -- Tango

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