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TGrapher and TGB - by PEZ

TGB is my inhouse grapher bot. It's mainly an old Tityus with some extra fluff to make it collect good data on the other bots movement.

Download it from: http://www.robocoderepository.com/BotDetail.jsp?id=2107

The file is named pez.zip. Unpack it in your robots directory and pez.TGB will pop up among the available robots. Run the bot to profile against TGB for as many rounds as it takes to saturate whatever segment it is you want to check. To run TGrapher cd to robocode/robots/pez and run "java TGrapher". Note. TGB saves huge data files. Make sure 60k+ is available in the TGB.data directory before you start a long unattended TGB data collection session. The distribution comes pre-packed with data on three bots. Which only leaves room for data on one more bot.

-- PEZ

To do

I really should write a FloodGrapher plugin for TGB. But I never come around to it. Feel free to do it anyone. Source is of course included. TGrapher is based on FloodGrapher 1 by Kawigi. TGB is RWPCL controlled. -- PEZ

Show me a graph!

I'll show you two. Here's the profile showing my own best RandomMovement profile to date. That of Aristocles at medium range:

And here's one showing CassiusClay's profile at medium range against firepower just above 2.0:

Questions / Comments

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