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Here are a few questions I have at the moment. Have already found lots of answers on the Robocode FAQ as well as from the various sites around. Feel free to move this page to something more general if it becomes necessary.

Un-answered Questions:

None at the moment. :-)

THQ Contents so far

Feel free to improve the answers.

Q. What are the different Bot classifications and sizes?
A. BotCategories

Q. Useful trigonometry references on the web?'''
A. Trigonometry

Q. With Linear targetting, how to avoid aiming "off the map"? (I adjust my aiming by calculating a "bearing offset")
A. Answers from PEZ and David Alves recommend aiming at an X,Y coordinate and then making sure it is not off the map. The coordinate can then be translating to a bearing from the robot position.
- PEZ: If you have the distance to the target and from it's heading and velocity have calculated a new bearing. Then it sounds like you have two sides and one angle of the triangle. Or is this maybe a question of BulletTravelTime? For most target bearing guesses I use a guess of the target's new coordinates, which easily can be moved inside the battle field using min() and max(). Then I can convert this to target bearing.

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