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Let me know here if you want to join this league. -- Tango

I'd like to compete here with Marshmallow and OrcaM. And Kawigis' and mine DT-opponents might very well rank high in this league. GouldingiHT and MakoHT. -- PEZ

With mine, that means 6 competitors. I'll run the first season when we reach 10 bots. -- Tango

Please add Dalek. -Tad

I suppose you should include FloodMicro, we can give it the honorary title of the highest-ranking robot in this league with HeadOnTargeting... Maybe I'll be able to get a small upgrade before the first season... --Kawigi

There you have an idea for a league. The movement league. We could take Alberts idea with pluggable guns and all use the same guns. -- PEZ

Hmmm... maybe... it would be much easier to just all use HeadOnTargeting, as it's the most basic gun... but that would mean it would be easy to dodge, and luck would probably be the only relevent factor... do you think i've used to many elipsis...? ;-) -- Tango

Ehh, that would only be a league for movement against head-on-taregeting. I think CircleBot would win the first seasons. =) With all using the same, pluggable, guns it could be the very best guns we could craft, like Lacrimas, DuelistMini, ScruchiPu (well, if it could be made a little less CPU) and maybe a few simple guns like HeadOnTargeting or what have we. These could be used in a VirtualGuns set-up (this would be the pluggable module) which, by using statistics, choosed the best gun we have against a given enemy. The point with this league would of course be to find a movement that would make it possible to really beat SandboxDT. -- PEZ

You have a point. A good point at that. :-) Anyone else going to sign up? 2 more places for the first season... -- Tango

There is movement that can beat CircleBot ok with HeadOnTargeting - I also have a semi-dormant experiment on ProvocativeMovement ;-) -- Kawigi

Is this league going to happen? I should change my entry to FloodMini now. -- Kawigi

It might do. I'll get back to you. Meanwhile, does anyone else want to sign up? -- Tango

Throw in Mako 1.4.1 there as well. Not that it can beat DT, but since it's movement is designed specifically to trick that bot it is kind of keen on fighting it. =) -- PEZ

And again, if this league ever happens (are you still with us, Tango?), FloodHT definitely belongs in it. What would be the specs? 1000 rounds for each robot to take their stab at DT with fresh data? Give ourselves the saved data advantage and delete his? Put him in reference mode (j/k)? Regular battlefield size? Would be funny to change the gun cooling rate :-p Maybe it would be entertaining to have a rapid-fire contest sometime. -- Kawigi

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