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Good to see you're back! Done any more work on Cyanide? How about a description of Toa? -- Skilgannon

Indeed, welcome back, and let's hear about Toa! But Skilgannon, I think you have him confused with Alcatraz, at least regarding Cyanide. =) -- Voidious

Haha, yes, or Cyanide confused with Gladiator =). -- Skilgannon

I love this place... :) Enter a new robot and people actually remember me... Anyway, Toa is basically the start of a remake of Gladiator. It really hasn't gotten to far passed VirtualGuns and simple targetings. It has a movement profiler and a robot grapher that I will be using for WaveSurfing and GuessFactor targeting respectively, but their not completely done yet. I just included them to find out how fast Toa runs and if it is a SlowBot like Gladiator was. -- KID

Is it named after the American Gladiator, or is that just a coincidence? =) -- Voidious

Sort of... I actually don't remember how I came up with the name this morning, but I did know that there is an American Gladiator named Toa and that might have had something to do with it. It's also a Polynesian word for warrior. I'm not Polynesian, that's just what Wikipedia said and that's kind of cool. Actually, now that I think about it... a Gladiator name Toa... hah, that's kind of funny. (Totally didn't plan that) -- KID

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