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Iapetus is the bot that showed me the power of PatternMatching, and it was my WhiteWhale for a while. From my point of view, Iapetus was the first bot to feature a really powerful PatternMatcher, and it inspired me to take the concept further, first introducing variable lenght, later the "multiple choice" PatternMatcher of Aspid and finally the SymbolicPatternMatcher. Unfortunately, I think Iapetus never got the credit and attention it deserved. -- Albert

I think that next to this Wiki, I can attribute the success I've had with my bots (notably FloodHT, although he's a few times the size of a MiniBot) on your MiniBot challenge - I've had a chance to try things out, and limit myself to a finite number of concepts, which often yields a strong, more coherent bot in the end. Without FloodMini, FloodHT wouldn't be what he is (if FloodMini 1.3 wasn't clearly better in my mind than FloodHT 0.7, FloodHT 0.8 wouldn't be 2nd on the ER). -- Kawigi

Thanks for this page and your comments. -- tobe

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