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The idea here is that rather than moving towards a certain destination point, then picking a new point when I get there, I should just decide on a good path to circle the enemy (like a train track), then move back and forth along that path for random amounts of time. (e.g. go forward on track for 10, then reverse for 27, etc.) The hard part is creating a good track that will allow you to avoid enemies and walls and still stay relatively perpendicular to the target. --David Alves

Sound like it should be applicable to Melee as well as OneOnOne. How often would the track need to be reconsidered? -- PEZ

I don't think it would work too well in melee... in 1-v-1 you're spending all of your time strafing clockwise or counterclockwise around the enemy. In melee there are a lot more possibilities...

You don't need to build a new track very often, once every (enemy distance / 30) turns or so. Of course, my implementation of this idea is weak, so maybe that's what I'm doing wrong. :-p --David Alves

In effect this is what DT does - it goes clockwise for x ticks, anticlockwise for y ticks etc - the 'track' is by default the path to keep the same distance to the enemy unless:

DT therefore adjusts the track each tick - but the side effect is the main desision for movement is how long to move clockwise and anticlockwise - which makes it easier to make adjustments to movement because there are limited options. BTW welcome back David - where is Pheonix? -- Paul Evans

That's a fairly good description of Tityus movement too. Isn't it quite obvious that Pheonix dwells in the ashes? Isn't that what those birds do before they rise? =) -- PEZ

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