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Feb 10, 2006
I just tried to find your anti grav engine, but the link below is broken... Can u update it?

April 27, 2005
Well, I've gotten some more work done on my Antigrav Engine. I will be posting my work at http://www.nathanieltroutman.net/robocode when I get it done, right now there is nothing on that page but a broken link, lol. So, I will keep working on it, I checked the Hanji Antigrav Engine, it is quite different than mine. It was only 2 classes, mine is 6 now if I remember correctly, and from the looks of it a bit more flexible. [Sorry, a mistake on my part, Hanji's is quite flexible, the other alternatives are just not shown, but it does look like we took slightly different approaches to it.]

April 20, 2005
After reading about AntiGravityMovement, before looking at any source, I started to code my implementation of it. As I mentioned earlier my CS class is creating robots, and I thought that an Antigrav Engine would be fun to create, so I've got the bulk of the frame work done. AntigravPoint? and AntigravVector? are done, now I'm working on AntigravEngine?. When I have most of it finished I will post my code somewhere. Till then, cheers!

April 13, 2005
I'm new to Robocode but excited to get into it. I was introduced to Robocode by my CS teacher at college, we are using it for one of our projects as we learn Java. Look for my first bot sometime this month.

Let me be the first to welcome you to the exciting world of ROBOCODE! I look foward to seeing your bot. --UnderDark

Yay! Welcome! And welcome to the wiki. And thanks for starting sharing first thing! What was the question again? =) -- PEZ

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