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I can host wiki-linkable files on this server if you like. Provided they are not huge, they are related to Robocode stuff and not copyrighted by anyone else but you. For this I have installed an upload script by [Muhammad Muquit] bacause it was simple and easy to understand. To upload files you use the form at:


You'll need an account for this. For now you'll have to get in contact with me to arrange this. -- PEZ

The files will be accessible through the following URL:
On wiki pages there's a short form for referring to these files:
Would automagically refer to the file:
Well, not all that much shorter. But these links will work even if we should change the hostname of this wiki some day.

Being an image file the wiki would also automatically display it. Like so:

PEZ, is there some procedure to erase older files from our user areas (I am using it sometimes to upload SiverSurfer? source-included versions 300K+...)? -- Axe

SilverSurfer source! I didn't know... That could probably teach me some about AM. I'll check if I can find a way to clean out older stuff. -- PEZ

Feel free, iŽll be glad if it help u. The problem is that the code is a bit (very, really) messy... -- Axe

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