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A vectorizer ? whats that ? well, in its most simply form, it's measuring the time a bot drives from one stop to the next. some bots change their direction often, by changing their speed from -8 to 8 or so... if you use a simple linear predictor, you will miss, because you assume the bot will drive and drive and drive... lets say you found out that your enemy is driving for 80 frames, changing the direction, driving 80 frames again... so, if your linerar predictor gives you a point that cannot be reached within the 80 frames, you shoot somewhere between the last stop and the assumed next stop. that's it. also kills myfirstrobot without a pattern matcher.

i call this a vectorizer because it was intended to work completely different (some complex stuff with vectors), but this method was by far more effective...and you still need to calculate a vector, so i didn't rename it.HoD

Interesting. This sounds like it should work against oscillating movement. What hit rate does it get against the newest DT? (I'm constantly looking for ways to gain even fractions on my hit rate against DT.) -- PEZ
Don't know, but i'll test it soon...HoD

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Last edited June 2, 2003 14:45 EST by HoD (diff)