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A variation of WaveSurfing using virtual enemy bullets fired at the most probable GF index you could be (based on EnemyWaves) and calculating virtual force vectors from those bullets. This variation uses AntiGravity movement. -- Scoob

Out of interest, which bots use Shrapnel Surfing?? Im thinking of making a comback into the Robocode world and I had an idea to try WaveSurfing using this method. --Wolfman

Yes Wolfman, please make a comeback, we've missed ya! Start with enlighten me on what shrapnel is. It's not part of my limited english vocabulary. -- PEZ

From www.dictionary.com : "Fragments from an exploded artillery shell, mine, or bomb.". I guess that the reason it is called Shrapnel Surfing is that you are trying to avoid all the bits of "flying shrapnel" (bullets & their respective movement vectors). As for making a comback, I'll see what I can do, but I have limited programming time due to now working full time. And im full time programming at work so sometimes the last thing I want to do when I come back from work is to do some more. :o

-- Wolfman

Is it the AntiGravity surfing you figure on implementing? That would be cool to try. CassiusClay/Butterfly is very much like AntiGravity. Only the space in which the gravity forces work is one-dimensional. -- PEZ

Yeah its the anti-gravity style movement that I was planning on implementing. I dont know how good or bad my implementation is going to be. I allways try to come up with my own methods of doing things. 95% of the time my own methods dont seem to work very well, but I have fun trying them out. And its nice to say that I didnt copy code from Bot X and Bot Y to make my own. :)

-- Wolfman

Has anyone tried implementing this in a bot? I'm thinking of making Yoda a multi mode surfer and the thought of GoTo? surfing and True surfing as the two modes seemed boring. if you have tried putting Shrapnel Surfing in a bot i would much like to hear about your experience and thoughts. -- Gorded

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