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Guns that are very inaccurate to all things(like HOT).. anyone able to add to thid?

You could say that all FastTargeting guns should be listed here, but that is not entirely true. A HOT-gun will hit SittingDuck 100% of the time. The FastTargeting guns can be very good at what they do, but will never be good against all other bots. A VirtualGuns array of FastTargeting guns on the other hand, coupled with an adequate movement, can perform quite surprising. (see f.e. GrubbmGrb) -- GrubbmGait

In a PerceptualBot, LinearTargeting (or variations of it) are about as good as it gets =) And it's certainly decent in melee, too, as is even HeadOnTargeting. -- Voidious

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Last edited May 1, 2006 22:26 EST by Voidious (diff)