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PEZ said to Tobe: Kul att du hittade hit till slut!
Which translates to: I'm happy that you finally found your way here
Solved by: David Alves, though it took an embarrassing number of hints from PEZ
So, not only can you code and draw, you're a code cracker as well. =) Our own Champollion of sorts. -- PEZ

The sentence is really difficult because it contains two constructions that, while not illogical, sound very strange to an english ear. Also they require finding the right "sense" of the word. So word for word: "Fun that you found to here towards end" --tobe

 Kul 		fun (could also mean "nice" or "I'm happy")
 att 		how / that / to
 du 		you
 hittade		find / discover
 hit 		here, popular
 till 		more, over, to / until / to, into / towards, unto, onto, for, with, at, by, till, on, of
 slut 		finished, over
 till slut	eventually, finally, ultimately
 (when together)

(the last two words form an expression that could somewhat equivalently be written "slutligen")

Tobe said to PEZ: Nu rodnar jag!
Which translates to: Now you make me blush!
Solved by: Loki

 Nu 		now
 rodna		to blush
 jag		me

The second sentence is not an answer to the first one. -- PEZ

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