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Ok, I am currently porting various guns from testbots into Raven and his Virtual gun array, but i'm struggling to decide what to store between battles. Although there will probably be more, the key guns i'm looking to port are PatternMatcher, GuessFactorTargetting, VirtualBullets. The question is do i store the stats for each of the individual guns between battles, the stats for the virtual guns, or both???

Also, how many bot's should i leave capacity to store?? -- Brainfade

That can be a tough question. My opinion is that you should probably at least store your VG stats and your info for guns that aren't particularly expensive to save (like your guess-factor gun probably). The problem that leaves you with is if you test a bot and you run long matches, the pattern-matcher might get pretty good, but then in real competition, it will remember that the PM was good but forget that it doesn't have much saved on the pattern-matcher. Something on FloodHT's todo list is adding a pattern-matcher that 'rates' the matches I get (either by how close they are or how long, depending on the nature of the PM) and then stores VG stats for each possible strength (so say I find a pattern of length 20, I'll use that instead of the Guess-factor gun, but if I find a match of length 4, I won't, regardless of how much pattern I know). -- Kawigi

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