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I'm surprised this bot went so long without a page. Wolverine, for a time, was the unbeatable bot, much like SandboxDT is today. A true classic. - Alcatraz

The classic finishing move, as well. Inspired many of the ones you see today. -- Kuuran

Long before my time. I have never even downloaded the bot (well, now RR@H has done it for me). But I have seen it mentioned all over the place. It's the coolest name ever though. I would like to have it on one of my bots! -- PEZ

If I'm reading right on the old postings on the Repository, Wolverine was the first robot to implement the bullet-dodger/pattern-matcher strategy, which became more popular soon after. JollyNinja might have been one of the best at this. The first nano to be a bullet-dodger/pattern-matcher was FunkyChicken 1.0, which beat Wolverine about 80-20 over 100 rounds. The second was ratosh.Vobo (I don't know which version). Interesting how it took about a year and a half probably to progress nanos to where MegaBots were at that time. -- Kawigi

I made a more optimized version of Wolverine, so that it doesn't get the 10000 getXXX disable bug, I have always been impressed with wolverine, I observed it in a MC2k6 (it got 2.52% btw), and it it wasn't for it pausing sometimes, locking up on walls, and disabling due to to many getXXX statements this bot would still be relatively competative today. In fact I entered my optimized version (mentioned above) under the name wiki.Wolverine 2.1 --Chase-san

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