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a female shaman or seeress in Norse mythology. Expecteed to foresee and evade enemy waves before they hit her.

How does it move?

A first attempt at WaveSurfing.

How does it fire?

For now i focus on movement only, so it uses HOT.

How does it dodge bullets?

It doesn't yet, but in time it will try to do so by using WaveSurfing.

How does the melee strategy differ from one-on-one strategy?

The architecture is such that it is capable of storing data on multiple enemies. Not yet tested though.

What does it save between rounds and matches?

Nothing. It depends on fast learning.

Where did you get the name?

The role of the wolwa's or wickes was to predict the future. So it seemed an apt name for a robot that tries to predict the position of enemy bullets by using reverse GF-statistics.

Where can i get it?

Not yet uploaded

Can I use your code?

See previous remark...

What's next for your robot?

A lot.

What is it based on?

The movement code is mostly new, based on the WS-tutorial. The gun-code is from Freya.

Question on accuracy of WS-accuracy: This is some output from the onHitByBullet?()-event.

Round 99 of 100
onHitByBullet(): at position Point2D.Double[270.5344953717234, 428.4523540588868]
             bullet position Point2D.Double[269.8556767624386, 438.42928772087373]
           expected position Point2D.Double[235.75884195360467, 434.3490426809509]
Round 100 of 100
onHitByBullet(): op positie Point2D.Double[662.0265755670273, 163.20113872648136]
              kogel positie Point2D.Double[652.3499262267184, 160.67874749102663]
          verwachte positie Point2D.Double[652.641451401879, 102.27711258519803]

The "expected position" is where i expected the bullet to be when it hit me. It looks like it is considerably off (a bot width in x in the first case, 2 times the bot width in y in the other case). Or is this the best you can get with a certain number of GF-bins?

On the other hand, the exact location should not be that important when it's only used to decide wether to go in clock- or anti clock wise direction.

And another question: do you use the bot position (center) or the bullet position (when the bot is hit) for updating the WS-statistics? --Loki

What kind of data is behind this "expectation"? For instance, is it hard coded to expect HeadOnTargeting and you're testing against a HOT gun? Or is it more like: I know what wave I got hit by, and I thought that wave would have been at these coordinates? It would also be helpful to know what direction the bullet came from in both cases; then you'd know if it was off by left/right aim, or if it's a matter of bullet distance. (The latter might mean you are off by a tick in the bullet's start time, for instance.)

As for which position to use, I would say the bullet position, but I doubt it will make any noticeable difference. If you use the bullet position, you can use the same code from onBulletHitBullet? and onHitByBullet?, though. Hope some of this helps. -- Voidious

Personally I use the bullet position for updating the wave surfing stats. Comment this bot in English! ;-)

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