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Shocking this beast doesn't have a proper page!!! So I thought I'd stick a few words in to get rid of the question mark. :)

Written by Enno Peters IIRC, from the Netherlands. Won the IBM Rumble, beating Vapour in the final and having disposed of SandboxLump in the semi-final.

Probably an unexpected victor for many. I remember firstly a number of people queuing up just after the submission deadline to heap congratulations on Ray Vermette for TheArtOfWar, which was obviously very strong and seemed to be favourite. And then Paul Evans pointed out that the new version of SandboxLump had arrived out of a blue sky at the last minute and was even stronger, which after some belated frantic testing by all turned out to be most definitely true. However, I do remember in the test leagues I was running that Yngwie managed to beat SandboxLump 50% of the time (although others disagreed with this, maybe specific hardware was an important factor) and I allow myself just a hint of smugness ;) for consequently tipping Yngwie as my dark horse pick.

Here's hoping Enno one day finds his way to this page and gives us some more historical and technical perspective... -- Shrubbery

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