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Curve Flattening Challenge

A part of the MovementChallenge. This is the setup: Additionally:
  1. Challenger is not allowed to fire any bullets at all
  2. The ratio "Challenger score / reference bot score" * 100 is the Challengers CFC Index

Also see

/Index - /Chat

SandboxDT 1.91 is now available and can operate as the reference bot (set the behavior value in the perperty file in DT's data directory). When acting as a reference bot it does not read any data files containing robot stats.

I suggest running for 1000 rounds for stability purposes and to ensure DT can not find a flaw in the movement (it learns fast - but not always) -- Paul Evans

I suggest running 500 rounds for balance with the AntiPatternMatcherChallenge and because 1000 rounds takes epochs on my Java. -- PEZ

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