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To be built by 12th March. One of my lecturers has given me a project to build a robocode robot with good targeting. :p I've chosen to make it into a team for bonus marks.

Any hints/suggestions on good Teams strategy? It's one thing I've seen very little discussion about.

-- Jamougha

Nice project! How about the best gun in existance? =) -- PEZ

I guess all the obvious stuff. Concentrate on one enemy at a time, don't fire if your bullet will intercept a teammate good melee movement, etc.

PEZ unfortunately GuessFactorTargeting does not yet qualify as an academically recognized machine learning techniwue. :-( Perhaps after I publish my Phd things will be different. ;-) I think I can get away with calling something like Tron's gun K Nearest Neighbour Search In Time-Series Pattern Matched Vector Spaces and referring him to a few JPL pages though, so I will probably go down that route.

Concentrating on one enemy at a time - good idea - I can even make it sound good in my paper (multi-agent distributed cooperation with stygmaturgy, hmmm ;-) ). -- Jamougha

You go for a team without having the melee base? this is great then you really nead some good strategies. How about:

-- rozu

Interesting ideas... I'll have to look into all this, I didn't even realize teams had leaders. :-) I like the idea of using something like 1v1 movement though, how about something like SandBoxLump?'s hyper-aggressive movement but with 2/3 bots teaming up on one opposing bot? That could be amusing... -- Jamougha

Oh, hell! This isn't due on the 12th it's due at 11am tomorrow... OK, rozu I'm stealing HawkOnFire's movement for the demo if you don't mind. :-) I'll write something completely different when I release the team.

OK, so now I have 8 hours to write a melee-capable PM gun and some data-sharing code. Anyone know of any other open-source team bots??? :-) -- Jamougha

wow,whatever class you are taking sounds really cool. i wish my classes in

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