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Just making a page, the alpha release isn't ready yet, though. The freezing works fine, the unfreezing doesn't work at all, and i haven't even started on the scoring. It's getting there though... -- Tango

Ok, i've fixed the unfreezing thing. I just need to work out how to do the scoring. I think the first version will just have an ScorerBot? at some co-ords far off the screen (outside radar range, so i don't have to worry about hiding it from the other bots), if i can get that to work. -- Tango

Another option is to have a client/server setup like the RobocodeDeathMatch. -- Kawigi

Yeah, and that is probably better, but i think it is beyond my abilities. I might look at how the DM one works, and see if i can base mine on that, but i think i'll get a scorerBot working first. -- Tango

I did a server just because it was easier (first I did with a score bot). Take the same architecture as in the RobocodeDeathMatch, and email me if you have questions at synnalagma__AT__hotmail.com (of course replace __AT__ by @, that's for anti-spam). Or try my ICQ# 241505320 but I'm not often connected. --Synnalagma

Yeah, i've just had a look at yours, and it doesn't look as hard i as expected. (at least, no harder than a scoreBot) I think i will give it a go. I'll let you know if i get stuck, thanks for the offer. -- Tango

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