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hi, I'm really a JAVA fun. I program with java more than 6 years now. Last year when I find RoboCode, I tought it's my game... and addicted to it. I follow almost all threads.

Although I wrote 6 or 7 bots I never release them. I use Robocode to experiment new advanced topics or learning new concepts. I love to expriment with other bots as well. Recently, I'm little bit fustrated that the Robocode II is not out yet. So I'm busy with may version of Robocode. But as usual TIME matters...

Later, I could put some more info...

links I like:

GamePhysics, MultiThread


individuals/ bots, parts

groups/ leagues, teams,
systems/ firing, movement, scan
types/ firing, movement, scan

SymbolicPatternMatcher, NeuralTargeting, AngularTargeting/Factored, Oscillators, FuturePosition, AdvancingVelocity, LateralVelocity, EscapeEnvelope, TrigChallenges

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