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A robot with no more than 14 lines of code (defined as semicolons within all classes used).

Not a lot seems to have been done with this. What have people fitted into 14 lines so far? Anyone got VBs, Waves, AntiGrav?, PM etc in 14 lines? (I belive PM has been done in under 14 lines in nanobots ages ago, so that's not much of a question...) Prehaps we should do a challenge to make each advanced technique as small as possible (basic functionality only). -- Tango

You can just as easily do a non-symbolic pattern-matcher in a sonnet. SonAsh and SonetMicroAspid? are two pattern-matchers that have been done in sonnet form. FloodSonnet uses waves in a stat gun, saves and loads data from files, etc. Anti-grav has been done in a haiku even - Iiley's Escape borrows some ideas from Graviton and DustBunny (the infamous anti-grav nanos). The problem with Sonnets is that to make a really good sonnet, the code still ends up being semi-complex, but gets crammed into complex expressions that can be difficult to maintain. The challenge in haikus is that you basically have to choose between being perceptual or using head-on aim. That's why antigrav has been done but not pattern-matching. You can't declare a variable and not have your radar aligned with your gun. -- Kawigi


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