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Revision 7 . . (edit) September 22, 2006 3:14 EST by David Alves
Revision 3 . . August 4, 2006 0:48 EST by David Alves

Difference (from prior major revision) (minor diff)

Changed: 9c9
A Team of two robots for the TwinDuel Competition. Features include minimum risk melee movement, random duel movement, and a guess factor gun.
A team of two robots by David Alvesfor the TwinDuel Competition.

Added: 11a12,16
* 1.2 - 1931 bytes
** No more minimum risk movement.
** Very aggressive, stays close to enemies.
** Tries to avoid friendly fire.
** Much better gun.

Added: 12a18,19
** Initial version, with MinimumRiskMovement, GuessFactor gun, and 1-v-1 duel movement.
** Tries to stay far away from opponent and conserve energy.

Changed: 18c25
You can get YinYang 1.01 from http://davidalves.net/robocode/robots/davidalves.twin.YinYang_1.01.jar
You can get YinYang 1.2 from http://www.dijitari.com/void/robocode/twinduel_007/davidalves.twin.YinYang_1.2.jar

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