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Revision 72 . . June 1, 2004 15:25 EST by PEZ [Moving stuff the the WaveSurfing page]
Revision 71 . . June 1, 2004 15:21 EST by Deathcon

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hey you robocode geeks what about this: if i can use enemy waves to find out at which guess factor i have been hit, why shouldnt i use it to find out at which factor i am not hit??? All enemy waves that have hit me are removed and those which have not hit me could be used to find out that factor (or factors) , the enemy could have NOT shot at you, because else you would have been hit which your arent. Call me craze if i am. --deathcon

Ummm, what would you use it for? -- PEZ

Imagin you have a bot with a really cool and working wave surfing. After some rounds when you learned some about the habbits of your enemy to aim you will get hit seldomly. Until the enemies gun has detected that u changed your movement you will not learn - the enemy will. But if you use 'negative enemy waves' you could predict when the enemy has changed his targeting so that it fits to your movement. This would make your bot react much more quick --deathcon

My first surfing implementation was something I called WaveSurfing/GoToStyle which always went for the "valleys" of the self profile. Of course it wasn't "cool" and certainly not "working" so it might be wy I didn't have any success with it. I retried it to some extent with a 0.9.* version of CassiusClay though, but I didn't get it right then either and decided to push in the main stream of surfers a while more. Is this type of surfing something like what you mean? Someting tells me you think of something more fancy... -- PEZ

1) i dont know how you dodge Waves but i try to move to that GFIndex that i have been hit fewest and that i can reach. Another possibility is to move to that GFIndex that is farest away from that index that will hit you most probable.

2) The idea posted above was this: a 'normal' enemy wave surfer learns only if it gets hit. Then you add 1.0 or whatever to the hitIndex. But you could also substract .1 (just an example) from that index (or more) that you have definitly NOT been hit at.


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