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Tell us a little bit about it, Alcatraz, enquiring minds want to know. :-) --David Alves


by Alcatraz


Freddie is a nanobot, and it still has some codesize to spare. V1.3 is only 237 and I can think of a few ways to reduce that. As of this writing (Nov 14, 04) it is the top ranked nanobot (by a decent margin) and very close to the top in the overall rumble. It beats most of it's opponents, yay!

Download it at:



1.31: Firing with 1.9 power bullets is generally good strategy, but not for nanos, especially not ones that fight in close combat. Also, pure anything guns in nanos are not good. I muddied the already screwy linear aim system. Works better than ever. Codesize is 237... what can I do with 12 bytes?


It's very simple. It's almost a linear aim except it takes acceleration into account (sort of) and that seems to give it a bit of voodoo magic.


Also simple. The movement type alternates back in forth when hit by a bullet. It either changes direction when the enemy fires or just goes straight and bounces off walls. This is very effective as a nano since most nanos either shoot head on or linearly. And Freddie changes velocity a lot too, to give it a chance against the pattern matchers.


Congrats on making it to #1!!!! -- PEZ

Excellent work in nano, Congratulations! -- iiley

Thanks! -- Alcatraz

12 bytes. Maybe you can fire conditional firePower? Like setFire(distance > 140 ? 1.9 : 3) -- PEZ

You could do setAdjustRadarForGunTurn(true) and setAdjustGunForRobotTurn(true), or maybe interesting colors. --David Alves

I have setAdjustGunForRobotTurn(true) already and I don't need the other. The conditional firePower I've tried and it's too big. How much does it cost to add colors? -- Alcatraz

The smallest colors you can get are setColors(Color.someConstant, null, null) which should be below your 12 byte limit. --David Alves

A smaller way to do conditional firepower would be something like this: setFire(1.9 + ((int)(140/distance))) , and I think it can fit within 12 bytes. --DrZ

Hmm. Not a bad idea. -- Alcatraz

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