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Could you present yourself a little maybe? Have we seen your bots? -- PEZ

OK -- Nope, you haven't seen any of my bots as yet. I've only been Robocoding for a couple of weeks, and most of my efforts class very much as experimental. I may release someting shortly, if only so that I can go and get back to doing some real work for a bit. :-) There's not much to tell, really. -- Jamougha

Cool. Let me know in time what package your bots are in and what flag they should defend. And, better release the bots early so you get real feedback. Besides, it's nice to see your bots climb. =) -- PEZ

Please edit your Preferences and put your wiki-name there. Otherwise you'll keep inpersonating other wiki visitors. (It's a bug in the wiki script that causes this to happen.) -- PEZ

I updated my preferences, let me know if there's still a problem. I'm also now ready to release my first bot, Raiko! It should be up in an hour or two. - Jamougha

Could you send me an e-mail? pez@pezius.com is the address. I think you might be able to help me to beat you. =) -- PEZ

OK, so I've e-mailed you again. But I was shut out from the net a while and I am not sure the e-mail has reached you. That's why you might have got the same e-mail twice. (If anyone wonders why I don't tell J this in an e-mail it is because he checks his e-mail only once every fortnight. =) -- PEZ

Time to check your e-mail again. You might need to clean it some because my last attempt to e-mail you bounced with a "mail-box full" type of message. -- PEZ

Try jamougha (a) hot-mail (ellipse) com. You're right, I do need to clean that one, but I'll do it once I'm happy to get an e-mail from my project supervisor again. ;-) -- Jamougha

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