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Revision 41 . . January 11, 2007 19:14 EST by webmail.wolverine.k12.mi.us [eh, wel]
Revision 40 . . January 11, 2007 6:55 EST by Chase-san [Boredom did it, not me!]

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Hem, boredom does thing to people, we all know it! However I was so bored that I was going through the online cvs and saw that Robocode used a Vector internally, which shouldn't be used (ArrayLists? are far better, Vectors are outdated and eat more memory). So I queued up Eclipse and downloaded the CVS, after I fixed its minor resource/robots panic I began work converting it over to List's, more specifically since I was worried about ArrayLists? lack of Syncronization, Syncronized Lists (Mind you, I had to leave 2 in the interface, AdvancedRobot still uses vectors but its a cheap convert trick from List). Then once I finished that I found a hashtable, and gasped, so I went through and replaced all those... however that lead to Enum problems, so I replaced those with Iterators, then once it was all said and done. I started my newly changed version of robocode, it paniced because the database was a hastable and I had made it read it as a HashMap? (I fixed by just deleting the database and cache and having robocode rebuild them). Well I tested WaveSerpent vs WaveSerpent over 1000 rounds, the score came out almost identical(as it should), I then tested DT vs WaveSerpent and many others to make sure there was no problems from my conversion. Two DT's ate only about 128 mb of memory(not sure if thats good or bad).

Here it is, my Boredom: [Source]
I already sent the result of my boredom to Fnl. If he integrates it then he integrates it, if not then he doesn't. --Chase-san

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