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Nope! It's about flattening of course. Tityus is a RandomMovement type of bot which means it continously asks itself the same question. How probable should it be that I change orbiting direction this tick? The main two factors to consider is the distance we have to the enemy and the velocity by which its bullets are traveling against us. I wanted this porbability to fit a non-linear curve and then I used Excel to experiment with different formulas to achieve it. But then the curve isn't perfect of course. Because of walls mainly. So from there it was about experimenting with different coefficients. I actually breeded several hundred versions of T and let them fight a TestBed of bots to feel more comfortable that I had got it right. To look at a more scientific approach look at Raiko. It uses T's WallSmoothing technique and the same basic how-often-should-i-reverse question. But it's using a formula that surprisingly simple. And this with as good results as T gets. -- PEZ

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