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Waves are one way of collecting data. Guess factors are one way of interpreting the data. Segmentation is one way of organizing the data. Visit counts are one way of storing the data.

An alternative to waves are virtual bullets. An alternative to guess factors are raw bearing deltas. An alternative to segmentation may be a neural network or dynamic clustering. An alternative to visit counts is a rolling average.

All the moving parts make up a gun, Guess-Factor or otherwise. My first simple guns used virtual bullets, interpreted a simple success or fail for the virtual or real bullets, segmented the success rates on bullet flight time, and used bins to store hits vs. misses. Tracking multiple targeting options in this way gave me a virtual gun array. The main difference between it and a guess-factor gun is that rather producing a bearing to fire at directly, I'd retrieve a targeting system to use, which would produce a bearing to fire at. -- Martin

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