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Ok, next time read the page first. Umm.. the best way to imp a BST for future revisions is probably to keep it sorted on numerical key, the way you first proposed, with each number being a 6-bit long bit vector (with a couple bits of wasted memory, since you'll no doubt be using shorts for this). Then simply fly through, find your object, use the reference to get whatever data is attached to the key, et voila. Since memory consumption and readability are issues, simply use the binary operators for everything, they ensure every bit represents something instead of every byte, long, double or whatnot, this is cutting your memory consumption severely, and they maintain easy readability, everyone knows what's happening when you binary OR or AND values. BSTs also have the property of growing/shrinking to accomodate only the given data, just make sure to do your housekeeping. -- Kuuran

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