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Bandit is a bot of medium complexity written in 2002 which has now been revived to life.


Bandit's goal is to stay on top of TheRoof and kick the living daylights out of Memnoch. (Which are written by two of my collegues BirdieB and PeLa). It also has a particular disliking to sjonnies.

How does it move?

The battle field is considered to be a forcefield full of attractors. There is an attractor for each enemy. An attractor can either attract or repel Bandit. The sum of all forces determine how Bandit moves.

How does it fire?

It selects the target that requires the least turret movement. It can predict circular, linear, and jiggle movement.

How does it dodge bullets?

When it thinks a bot has fired, the attractor for the bot repels for a while.

It also keeps track of the predicted path of a bullet and can use this to create a moving attractor that pushes bandit out of the way of a bullet; but this needs some serious debugging.


V5.2.0 28-Apr-2004 1504

Improved radar and wall-avoidance.

V5.1.2 26-Apr-2004 1517

Repackaging of the source code, so I can have several different bots in the package fnc.

V5.1.1 23-Apr-2004 1515

Disabled the bullet dodging. Improved the wall-avoidance. Instead of bouncing back and forth against the wall when a force pushes it against the wall, Bandit now moves along the wall.

V5.1.0 18-Apr-2004 1373

For every bullet an enemy fires, an attractor is generated that follows the predicted path of the bullet. For now it is assumed that the enemy fires at the position Bandit is at at that moment. The attractor, when close enough, creates a force on Bandit in a direction that is shifted -90 or 90 degrees (chosen randomly) from the angle it is flying. This way it moves out of the path of the bullet. This works pretty well with simple enemies, except when Bandit is close to the wall and the bullet forces it closer to the wall. But given the score it does not work well against others.

V5.0.2 16-Apr-2004 1519

Circular and linear analyser and movement.

V5.0.1 15-Apr-2004 1087

Circular and linear analyser.

V5.0.0 15-Apr-2004 1068

Rework of the whole code. As an experiment and to test how much influence each function has on the total score V5.0.0 does not move and only uses its linear analyser.

V4.0.0 13-Apr-2004 1530 (Also called Bandit2002 V4.0.2)

Initial version.

Have fun Gumpu.

Sorry Gumpu, but check the CurrentRankings:

bbo.TheRoof 1.3 1139

fnc.Bandit 5.0.0 1076

Dream on! ;-) -- BirdieB

Well lets not forget that Bandit is a bit bullet-dodging-challenged at the moment, i.e, it is impersonating SittingDuck. :P -- Gumpu

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