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TheRoof is a bot of level Newbie. (Author: BirdieB)

How does it move?

TheRoof searches for the wall and will move to the wall, and then follow the wall. (Version 1.2 just bumps into the wall and then follows the wall till it bumps again, but heard from PeLa this was not so smart, so some inprovements in 1.3)

How does it fire?

If it sees some target, it simply fires. Currently no predict of movement of the target.


Version Date Rating

V1.4.3 06-May-2004 1392

V1.4.2 24-Apr-2004 1377

Another improvement regarding movement. Now it beats the japs.Sjonniebot ;-)

V1.4.1 20-Apr-2004 1275

Fixed a bug regarding turning the gun.

V1.4 19-Apr-2004 1215

Made some improvements regarding movement.

V1.3 15-Apr-2004 1139

V1.2 14-Apr-2004 1085

You say you "search" for the wall. What do you mean by that? You can tell where the wall is without any real effort. It is a rectangle from (0,0) to (getBattleFieldWidth?(),getBattleFieldHeight?()). You can use a GoTo? method to get there. You can also just head straight up until your getY() is within a certain value of the wall. -- Tango

On the repository, you can just log in and upload a new file for your bot instead of just creating lots of bots named TheRoof -- Mike

Tango, Well, i think i can simplify my "search for the wall" ;-). It uses the getBattleFieldWith? and Heigth, and GetX? and GetY? to find the nearest wall. Then it follows the wall by turning 90 degrees and start moving (ahead). Probably much easier to use GoTo?... Will take a look at Movement/CodeSnippetBasicGoTo -- BirdieB

Mike, thanks for the advice, I will do so with the next version. -- BirdieB

Does this have an .isOnFire?() method? :P -- Qetu

Sjonniebot beats this bot again. Maybe you should update it? :-) -- Parody

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