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Take BlackPearl .69 and replace its movement with that of Tityus 0.6.2. The result is BlackDestroyer!
The rational with this particular blend was that presumably T 0.6.2's movement was stronger than BP .69's. And that BP's gun was stronger than T's. Since BlackDestroyer is a straight blend and it places behind both T and BP in the rankings, these assumptions must be wrong. I realized Tityus new movement had considerable weaknesses just before releasing BlackDestroyer. (RoboGrapherBot had tricked me to think I had created a flat profile.) I think this means that I have underestimated T's gun (something Jim has told me several times). At least in combination with T's own movement. -- PEZ

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Last edited January 2, 2004 12:28 EST by PEZ (diff)