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Kawigi should write this page first. But, it's a easy to use tool for examining your [movement profile]?.
How do I read the verbose output? -- PEZ

On my computer, I would run "java -jar kawigi.sbf.FloodGrapher_1.3.jar -v kawigi\sbf\FloodMini.Data\" from the command line. You can, of course, use another directory if that's what you have been doing. You could also hack the program (as I know you have before) to just set verbose to true after it checks for a "-v". I don't do much complex parameter parsing, it's not very robust. At that point, it will print out every segment within the current sample that has at least 50 samples. It sorts them in order of hit % on the exact highest point on the graph (not to be confused with actual hit rates, because you can often hit with a bullet that was fired in the next segment over or something). This is what I do to 'debug' movement, try to make sure you spend no more than 1% of your time in segments with a 10% hitrate or higher, or push that down to about 8% if at all possible. -- Kawigi

I have added a segment to the grapher. Bullet power index, for measuring the profile for different levels of enemy bullet power. I also added this segment to Fhqwhgads 1.0 (with the performance patch inlcuded). I suggest you release a StatsCollector? bot based on this version of Fhqwhgads and, if you agree that bullet power is an interesting segment to track, this version of the grapher as well. I'll send you the patched source files of both and you can decide. I can't maintain it on my own anyway, since I know zilch about Java GUI stuff... This is what it looks like at the moment:

As you can see the label of the power segment is somewhat hidden and such. If I could wish for two features they would be:

-- PEZ

I also vote for having multiple bots displayed on the same page and also if possible a hit% scale up the left hand side with an option to set the value of the top of the graph. -- Paul Evans (p.s. nice tool).

While tweaking I have found that it works good to rename the old bot versions stat file. Combined with the overlay feature this would be even better. Actually the rename itself would be cool if it could be done from within the tool. Then you could add comments to the different versions. Possibly paste the relevant code there and such. I have figured about teh overlay feature some more now. And it would actually be cool if you could have several complete sets of lines. With complete I mean all the controls, not only file name. That way you could compare different segments of the same bot with the same overlay thingy. -- PEZ

Lol, lots of stuff on the wish list for a ghetto little tool that Jim, nano and I use to tune our movement. I definitely think this is not nearly as classy as SmogPainter (as far as GUI design, not because I don't know how, but because I just slammed most of this together in one evening when I was making FloodHT 0.7). I suppose I could look at something more complex, though, especially since I can just stick all the files together in a jar.

On the side, I'm glad it really DOES work with Fhqwhgads 1.0. I thought it would, but I didn't have it on my computer at the time, so I was just guessing.

For more specific stuff, would it make sense to have a dialog pop up for controls of each robot? Just have a button for each color of line or something on the right side and nothing on the bottom? I'm trying to figure out an appropriate way to allow an indefinite number of colored lines on the screen at a time. It may also be appropriate to make one for Fhqwhgads 1.1, especially since it collects the constantly-firing and wave-on-fire stats without having to modify the code (and also includes seperated melee stats for anyone who cares). It also does the segmenting on bullet travel time instead of distance, but that's not quite the same thing as what you did. -- Kawigi

I'm having a bad time here trying to find FloodGrapher in the repository, it seems that the bots searching engine is not working properly. can someone post here a url to download it? Thnx. -- Axe

I sent it to you in email. -- jim

I'm also having trouble finding it - a link here would help a lot of people... :-) Jamougha

Sorry. I have no place to put it where others could download it. I do not feel right uploading it to the Repository without speaking with Kawigi first as it is his work. jim

He would never mind that. But it's already uploaded to the repository, so it could be a bit redundant to upload it again there. Upload it here intstead and post the link. -- PEZ

Found it in the end by typing in all the possible index numbers. :\ For future reference it's at http://www.robocoderepository.com/BotDetail.jsp?id=1573 - Jamougha

Now thats what I call persistance :) jim

random page surfing: that sounds like somthing i would do Jam. --andrew

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