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Innovation Update:

I had an idea on how to turn my speculations on DynamicSegmentation? using Decision Tree Learning (see discussion on Segmentation/Prioritizing) into an actual implementation that creates the tree as it's being used (there may be some room in the future to do complete restructuring of the tree on a separate thread). I call it SplitTargeting, and the first run of it gets a solid 89.3 TC score, so I think it has some good potential.

My Bots:

Aside from my competitive bots, I also claim (sort of) WhatTheHeck, available on the repository, to prove the existance of a Teleport bug in Robocode 1.0.6, and WallsKiller, which shows how to beat Walls while standing still. For various challenges on this wiki, I developed TeancumPMC, FloodMiniStationary and FloodRMC?, and maybe some others, too. I took an afternoon to slap together a few /HaikuBots, too, which are always good to download to make sure you don't lose to them.

Homepage (no robocode stuff there at the moment, but if you're bored, give it a look): http://students.cs.byu.edu/~kawigi/ I also run the RobocodeLittleLeague at http://robocode.yajags.com/
ICQ: #6944897
AIM: kawigi
MSN IM: kawigi@hotmail.com (note - I do NOT use this one as an email address.)
Y!: kawigi@yahoo.com
email: kawigi@yajags.com

Some old versions of SpareParts as well as the sound version can be downloaded at http://students.cs.byu.edu/~kawigi/robots/ , and there are also some screenshots I posted under SandboxFlattener - score dialogs from the original test robot (I have some that approach even over 100 rounds, but I wasn't normally that lucky).

I'm beginning development and setup for a new tournament I'm calling the RobocodeLittleLeague. More details later.


There has been a question recently who has created the most bots. I've magled current rankings through few regexps, sort and uniq, and found the answer:
The most FertileRobocoder is Kawigi.
Congratulations. --lRem

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