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For some extra little playing, I wrote 6 HaikuBots and released them on the Repository as (creatively) "KawigiHaikuBots?". None of them deserve a bot page from the template, because one or two sentances (or 4 lines of code) can pretty much describe each one's entire logic:

HaikuCircleBot - Based on the first robot I ever made that beat all the Sample bots. Still beats all the sample bots one-on-one, but probably doesn't stand a chance in melee. Basically it orbits its opponents, trying to stay at about 200 away from them, turning around when it hits a wall (I actually stick to it a little in this version). If I wanted to get really complicated, I could make it stay within 150 and 250 pixels away, or whatever the original CircleBot did, but this is good enough for me.

HaikuSillyBot - Like SillyBot, my first nano. I'd need an extra line or so to make it fire and really be true to SillyBot's buggy movement. The original SillyBot was tweaked until it could beat MogBot in 100-round matches, because I was pretty sure at the time that once I beat MogBot, Smoke was second, and then SandboxDT. This one still beats MogBot at least some of the time.

HaikuChicken - I'll bet you used to be able to count the Haiku bullet-dodgers on zero fingers. Now it takes one. FunkyChicken's "patented perceptual bullet-dodger" movement. Occasionally beats Kakuru 1.20 and NanoSatan Kappa. Probably the hardest HaikuBot to hit.

HaikuEight - This bot would do figure 8's lateral to its opponent if it weren't for the darn walls getting in the way!

HaikuParrot - It takes 4 lines to mimics its opponent's movement, but doesn't fire. I could make it fire, but then it wouldn't mimic as well, and it's just fun to watch this bot doing the best impersonation it can.

HaikuLinearAimer - The HaikuWalls?-Killer! It can beat sample.Walls standing still, but I had one more line to use, so I made it move (in a straight line ;-)). If I wanted to, I could make it support variable fire-power, but I didn't feel like it.

Way cool! I think too those bots deserve their own pages. If you feel the pages need a bit more content, please add the source code. -- PEZ

Ok, I made them each a page basically consisting of their source code. How's that? -- Kawigi

That's great. Simply great. Thanks! =) -- PEZ

I've just made my first HaikuBot, I think it works: HaikuGoTo -- Tango

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