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Me,iiley.An old man with age 24. Love musics, films, paintings, robocode...

My email:iiley at hotmail.com

New Project:

Tide,a open source robot on sourcefore,now the developer are xiemin and me. First plan is to get into The2000Club.(Done)

My bots' links here:


Ash -- microbot
BlackSwans -- minibot
BlestPain -- megabot
Blur -- microbot
Cigaret -- minibot
CigaretBH -- megabot
FemtoAsh -- microbot
Lacrimas -- megabot
Smoke -- microbot
Spark -- microbot
Smog -- nanobot
Nimrod --minibot
DemoniacNimrods -- minibot.
StatistRobot -- with a Grapher SmogPainter
my Haiku bots
my Femto bots
my Sonnet bots

Hey, iiley - I have a question for you. If I have a bot in test that seems to do real well (about even) against Cigaret and CigaretBH, but gets beaten really hard by Smoke, what could that mean? What is my weakness? -- Kawigi

Oh,Smoke,a old bot of mine,current version of Cigaret have a fault in fact,you may have seen it did very hard to beat Shera,but the old versions eg 1.10 can beat it easily,What the differences?I think i cannot tell why it when i have not improved it,Although if you watching the performance of Shera you will konw.Smoke's movement is similar to old Cigaret's,so...I think its the same reason to your bot.You can have a try to the old version of Cigaret.The Point I mean the movement,Smoke's movement is similar to Old Cigaret's.But all i said is my problem,sorry,your problem,your bot's weakness(how to improve you bot to beat Both Cigaret and Smoke),I have no idea,But i think you have to improve you bot's movement.(maybe you can send you bot to me,let me have a look ;]) -- iiley

I think it sounds like Kawigi needs to improve the gun. -- PEZ

Hey iiley, you removed CigaretST, Ash and Yager from the RR@H. I can see why Yager would like a melee rumble, but the other two didn't exactly embarass themselves! Are you moving the test code from them into a new monster? -- PEZ

Yes,I will release a new bot based on CigaretST,but it is not a monster,it cannot beat Neo and VertiLeach,but it can beat DT in 1000 rounds in my testing~;],i learned some from Andrew's Neo,so i removed CigaretST,and i removed Ash because I think i need to removed some old and not very good bot. --iiley

To me anything involving tobaco is monstrous. =) Good that you beat DT with it. Paul wanted the RoboRumble/PremierLeague to be some challenge to him. I can tell you how to beat VertiLeach as long as you don't tell anyone and don't use it in a mini. You know my e-mail address. =) -- PEZ

I released it,named Lacrimas,It seems that the rumbles use short rounds battles,it is not advantaged for Lacrimass? it learn slowly.~;[ and... I send a email to you PEZ. -- iiley

What? VertiLeach has a flaw? ;) Also, those bots are far from old and not very good; all 3 of them outranked Fractal... -- Vuen

Just don't tell anyone. =) It's good some of us making lots of bots clean out some of them from time to time. A bot need to have a reason for existance to consume CPU power in the RR@H I think. I cleaned out quite a few of my bots a while ago. -- PEZ

Hey iiley, do you mind if when I release the next version of Fractal I release alongside it a version with Fractal's gun and Cigaret's movement in the wiki package? I want a competitive comparison of it's new gun compared to some of the other bots out there, and I figure that a common movement (ala Griffon, Cigaret, Sedan) would be the best way to compare. Of course, these are all minibots, and Fractal is far from it... -- Vuen

Just to make it crystal clear. Griffon does not share the movement with Cigaret and Sedan. I know you don't mean that, but someone reading it might misunderstand. Anyways, ask Jim too if you can borrow his movement, then you can compare your gun with Jekyl's and Griffon's. Good if iiley doesn't check up on the wiki in a while. -- PEZ

OK,nice to see Fractal's new gun.Sorry that i had not visit wiki page for days since i have not finish my project.Busy days these days.~;[ -- iiley

Iiley - I've noticed for some time here that SonAsh gets destroyed by AresHaiku. Any idea why that happens? Most of your waves should be hitting in the same place against it, and I'd expect that it moves fairly predictably, so I don't see how you'd miss it unless you had a bug in your aiming that made you fire head-on or something. -- Kawigi

SonAsh did not use waves,it use a symbol pattern matching.Maybe there is some bug or weakness,i will check it.Thanx Kawigi told me that,i didnot know it lost to AresHaiku as it is very predictable for PM. -- iiley

That's what I figured. I also figured out that FunkyMusic? had a bug that made it lose to AresHaiku, too, but then looked to see that FemtoAsh and SonAsh don't use enough of FunkyMusic?'s aiming code to have the same bug. Actually, I noticed that you were pattern-matching on heading and velocity (as opposed to heading change and velocity or lateral velocity). That's another thing that didn't occur to me. It might not be as strong as using heading change because it's less likely to get a good match, but it's a lot simpler to code. -- Kawigi

Nice to see you have Robocode plans again iiley! Wonderful painting. Did you paint it? Looking forward to meet Tide. -- PEZ

Ha~~~Thank you,you paid attention to us so suddenly.~;] Yes,i painted it,But it is not for Tide,if it is,i would paste it to the page of it.I think you mean Tide not Tibe. ~;] -- iiley

I'm always looking for signs that you're back iiley. =) OK, so Tide then. Is it a tidal wave aimed to crush the surfers? -- PEZ

Thank you, PEZ,i was planning to back robocoding for a long time,then now i come back,be very very excited.But dot worry,Tide is not strong enough,surfers are improved for a long time,it is adult and gentler and very strong,I lost too much about this.for the first, Tide will use the similar technic(Also similar to Lacrimas's technic).I am testing the first robot of Tide,maybe it can be upload tonight.~;] -- iiley

If this bot started out as Lacrimas then it will not be long until it goes to the top. Lacrimas is one tough bot to beat. -- jim

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