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a data-gathering bot and grapher. You can download it here: http://robocoderepository.com/BotDetail.jsp?id=1494

You must extract it to folder robocode/robots/ then you can find a new robot named org.roboChina.StatistRobot,use it to against a bot in 1v1,when match finished,there will be a data file in StatistRobot.data folder,then run SmogPainter.bat(it run org.roboChina.iiley.SmogPainter.class) to open it,you will see the graphs. The zip file include sources,but sorry that it is very disorderly. -- iiley

Start it like this:

C:\robocode\robots>java -classpath .;C:\robocode\libs\robocode.jar org.robochina.iiley.SmogPainter
-- PEZ

If you want to get some other kind statist data curve,you can change the code in StatistRobot.(Line 27) e.g.

Code: private static Statist statist=new Statist(5,51,3d);

change to: Code: private static Statist statist=new Statist(6,101,3d);

You will get the statist data in 6 different ranges/distances,VB shoot angle splited to 101 piece,and fire power = 3. Also you can change 3d to 1d or 2d or other from 0.1 to 3.0,but if you changed it,you'd better change the code in line 191

Code: double power=3;


Code: double power=your power;

Feel Free to use or modify these code.;} -- iiley

Added StatistRobot Plugin for FloodGrapher(SRPF). -- iiley

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