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People who have written a bot with a RoboRumble@Home rating of over 2000 points with at least 1000 battles fought (500 till June 2006) in the general 1-v-1 category.

Name FlagBot Date of admission Screenshot
1. Jamougha RaikoMX 0.28 March 9th, 2004 screenshot
2. ABC Shadow 2.49 March 14th, 2004 screenshot
3. Axe SilverSurfer 1.22 April 17th, 2004 screenshot
4. PEZ Pugilist May 21th, 2004 [screenshot]
5. deathcon Shiva 1.1 June 9th, 2004 [screenshot]
6. mue Ascendant 0.6.3 July 3rd, 2004 screenshot
7. jim DarkHallow 0.55 July 9th, 2004 [screenshot]
8. Pulsar PulsarMax 0.3.20 July 31st, 2004 [screenshot]
9. iiley&Xiemin Pear 0.58 October 23rd, 2004 [screenshot]
10. David Alves Phoenix 0.1 November 1st, 2004 [screenshot]
11. Alcatraz Cyanide 1.65 November 15th, 2004 [arch-ranking]
12. Florent Toad 0.5 October 5th, 2005[arch-ranking]
13. Voidious Dookious 0.72 January 28th, 2006[screenshot]
14. wcsv PowerHouse 1.5f February 18th, 2006[screenshot]
15. Kev WaveSerpent 0.51b May 28th, 2006 [screenshot]
16. Corbos Chalk 2.4 June 22nd, 2006 [screenshot]
17. GrubbmGait GresSuffurd 0.2.1 January 17th, 2007 [screenshot]
18. Krabb Garm 0.7d January 18th, 2007 [screenshot]
19. Simonton WeeksOnEnd 1.10 January 31, 2007 [screenshot]
20. Skilgannon DrussGT 0.1.4 September 16, 2007 [screenshot]
21. AaronR Horizon 1.0betaF4 November 7, 2007 [screenshot]
22. Rednaxela RougeDC Beta4a May 25, 2008[screenshot]
23. Tim Foden Drifter 26c 8th July 2008[screenshot]
24. Zyx YersiniaPestis? 0.1beta 12th March 2009 [screenshot]

I added CassiusClay and used mue's screenshot that shows him over 2k with nearly 700 battles. Don't know what a correct date would be. -- Kuuran

Kindly request permission to join on July 31, 2004 (screenshot available). -- Pulsar

You don't need permission dude. That screenshot is your ticket. -- PEZ

Added Pear, dunno if the authors are correct, please correct if not... -- Axe

Thank you Axe, the authors are absolutely correct. -- iiley

And, i am thinking of the flag of here, can we have the Chinese flag here, Pear 0.58 should be a chinese bot, since there was no one else joined our Tide project. -- iiley

First version of Phoenix barely gets me in, 2001.6 after 724 battles. :-) --David Alves

Added Toad and corrected countryflag URL. --GrubbmGait

Well, just by the skin of my teeth, but it counts :-D Hooray! -- Voidious

No fair, Nanos only go up to 1800 or so :) --Miked0801

There should be "clubs" for each weight class I think. Breaking 2000 means you can score almost 80% on average against the population of bots in the weight class in question. No nano comes close. Freddie scores 65.8% against other nanos. 80% seems quite unreachable, but that doesn't mean it is. -- PEZ

That would make you the only Robocoder to be in two 2000 clubs, wouldn't it? There's a record worthy of mention. -- Greywhind

And it's with the same bot. =) -- PEZ

Some more info about relative ratings: excluding ad.last.Bottom (which dominates this calculation, for obvious reasons), the standard deviation for the MegaBot ratings (203) is close to double that of the NanoBot ratings (121). Given a center of 1600, this makes a MegaBot 2000 very close to a NanoBot 1800 in terms of standard deviations. -- Voidious

If this actually interests anyone, the standard deviations are 185 and 165 for MiniBots and MicroBots, respectively. (I'd guesstimate 1950 and 1900 equivalents in those two, then, but obviously it's all arbitrary anyway.) -- Voidious

Congrats Kev! When is that 16th birthday, again? =) -- Voidious

Well actually it's in only two days! And it looks like you may have spoken too soon... WaveSerpent has dropped down to 1998. Being in The2000Club is great, but I'd like to see WaveSerpent with a 2000+ rating after 1000 battles. Another release is coming tomorrow. Will I make it? Wish me luck... -- Kev

Yeah, good luck! No doubt you want to stay afloat above 2000, but until the rules change, you made the club (2k after 500 battles.)I think you have the "youngest to reach 2K" award by a large margin, anyway. (Alcatraz was 17.) Nice job! -- Voidious

Great, this is an excellent (few days early) birthday present! WaveSerpent 0.51c is released with a few movement tweaks. It preforms well enough in tests to make me think it will reach 2000, but only time will tell. And I think deathcon was 16 when Shiva got in. -- Kev

Big congrats to Corbos - talk about "not getting rusty"... I guess this is the year the Americans take over? =) Great job, Corbos! -- Voidious

Waiting anxiously to see... Good luck KID! --David Alves

Oh, I couldn't enter the 2K club with this bot, it's half mine and half PEZ's. That would just be wrong! Besides, when I make it, I'll make it by myself. -- KID

Congratulations to GrubbmGait! He finally got in this club before myself ;( --Krabb

Congrats Krabb! What a close race between you two. Keep up the good work ;) -- Voidious

Contradulations, looks like I lost. Trying to push myself the last few days led me to be so exausted I slept the rest of the day yesterday after returning from class. --Chase-san

Congratulations to both of you Krabb and GrubbmGait! -- Kev

Yeah, congrats to myself and Krabb :-D With some more people knocking on the door this could be a fertile year. -- GrubbmGait

Whats next? A race to 2025? the top 10? the top 5? king?

Thanks :) I would propose top 10 as the next aim. --Krabb

I feel more like a 2050 rating . . . let me check what place that is ;-p -- GrubbmGait

Thats top 10. --Chase-san

It is right now, anyways :-) -- Kawigi

Well, I guess I was a bit late your y'all's race, but here is my entry. :) I have a screen shot, but I don't have webspace - so if anyone would be so kind ... -- Simonton

And the 2nd person (after PEZ) to have a MiniBot as their ticket =) Great work! (And added a screenshot.) -- Voidious

Congrats Simonton! I already stated that you were an outsider (sports-wise) meaning that you were capable doing it, even with a mini! -- GrubbmGait

Congrats, Skilgannon! =) Looks like you ended the longest dry spell since Alcatraz / Florent.

Thanks! Do you think that the level is getting higher, or are people losing interest, or what? -- Skilgannon

Hehe, I should really start on movement, but I wanna get this gun to be able to kick most bots in the teeth first. And also Congratz! --Chase-san

ProtoDruss? is currently at 2011 with 500 battles or so, but I think the movement more defines the robot then the gun, so I decline membership if it stays long enough to become stable. --Chase-san

That and I would much perfer to make it on my own, it just wouldn't feel right to make it this way. Its at 2006 at 1439 battles. And if I never make it, well there are plenty of great robocoders that never made the 2000 club. ;) --Chase-san

Congrats dude! =) And by quite a margin, sheesh! -- Voidious

Welcome in this prestigious club. This is a good year. -- GrubbmGait

Welcome, AaronR! -- Simonton

Holy ... that's not right! Take it back! I forgot something important!

public class Horizon extends AdvancedRobot {
	static {
		components.add(new RadarLock());
		components.add(new DynamicClusteringWaveSurfingMovement());
		components.add(new RaikoGun());
		//components.add(new GFTargetingBotGun());
		//components.add(new DynamicClusteringGuessFactorGun());

Oooops... -- AaronR

Booooooooo! Go back home!!!!!!! Shame and humiliation to you!! ;) -- Simonton

So much for my 140 point jump... ;) But the real new version of Horizon appears to be an improvement anyway, so I guess I should be happy. -- AaronR

I think I'm back in with 1.0betaF4. =) -- AaronR

Congratulations! Add yourself! --David Alves

Big congrats, dude! -- Voidious

Very nice, very nice. -- Simonton

Great job! -- Kev

Good work. I need to work hard so I can get in here. --Chase-san

Hmm... I don't have anywhere where I can put the screenshot. Didn't Voidious (graciously) host the screenshot for my first "admission"? -- AaronR

Ah, just barely caught me before bed =) Screenshot is up. -- Voidious

I just like to think about how proud I am to be the first member of The2000Club hailing from the great country of _______. Also, congratulations to Skilgannon, the first member of The2100Club from !@#$%^&*()_+.

=P -- AaronR

Yeah, we're pretty unique, huh? =) -- Skilgannon

While technically not from the country, if I ever make it (<.<), I will be the first representing JJJJJ in the 2000 area, which seems a little odd huh. --Chase-san

Well then... now that RougeDC is [well over 2000] with my own gun as opposed to the gun it used in the Raiko gun it used in the early releases, I think I'm ready to join in on the party here! I have no place to host a screenshot though because my university hosting is down currently, but yeah... :) -- Rednaxela

Nice work! (Not that I didn't see this coming ;-) ) Screenshot added... -- Skilgannon

Thanks! Also, sorry to spoil your uniqueness of being a The2000Club member from !@#$%^&*()_+ =P -- Rednaxela

Just managed to squeak onto the bottom of the 2000+ RR@H mega ratings with Drifter 26c. :) Thought I'd better enter it before it fell off again! -- Tim Foden

Congrats! Looks like Drifter is stable at 2001 =) -- Skilgannon

Congrats dude! -- Voidious

Anyone noticed that Chase-san entered this club due to the ratingdrift? And that, after years, SandboxDT and Aleph are very close too ? -- GrubbmGait

I added Zyx to this club, the first of 2009! --Nat

Good job. I'll be here some day. --Chase

I'll go there before you if I can, but almost all my robots now becoming PhoeniX :) (mean that take 3 years to develop) Do anyone know that Zyx enter robocode community for only 2 months and 19 days! (count from first newton page: Nov, 25) I think he is the fastest one. Anyone embarrassed? Especially Paul Evans. I'm going for youngest one (I'm 13 until July 3, hope Awesomeness, who is 13 years old, will enter just after his 14th birthday) --Nat

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