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My name is Nat Pavasant. I'm from Thailand.

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I was introduced to Robocode sometime in 2006, when I was 11 years old. I saw some of post somewhere on the internet and I try it. At first, Only thing I can do is copying sample.Wall!! After 3 days, I got bored and return to my PHP programming. Sometimes in July 07, I saw notice about Thailand Robocode Tournament on my school notice board. Just then. I returned to Robocode programming. And again, I got bored after 1 hour! At last, I've found topic in Programming.in.th about Thai Robocode battle at KidsDev?.org and I've found this wiki!!

Now, I've some robot create from top Melee and top One-On-One robot but it is not to be published because it isn't my own robot.

Currently I'm working on my new robot that have around 30 virtual-guns, some Movement, Targeting Recognizer.

If you want to talk Robocode through other means then this wiki, my GTalk, MSN ,Email account is: nat 3738 AT gmail DOT com (It's both MSN and GTalk).

Significantly Belated Greetings! Welcome to the wiki! 30 virtual-guns? Wow that's a lot, make sure they each are pretty fast then I'd think. Best of luck with your new robot! :) -- Rednaxela

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